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Green Bay Packers Elite Jerseys

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Green Bay Packers Elite Jerseys

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Seahawks fall to 0-2 but opportunities for optimism lie ahead Yes Womens Tyler Lockett Jersey , the Seattle Seahawks are 0-2, which doesn’t give them good odds to make the playoffs.Given what I know from my experiences of being a fan and being around fans for awhile, I’m guessing at this point more people are hoping for a high draft pick and some (more) changes than they are a 9-7 season. Because change is interesting and getting in on the March discussions about a top-five pick is fun. But I’m afraid I’m going to have to ray some sunshine onto your rain parade because I don’t think the Seahawks are into the water quite yet. While 0-2 teams get to the playoffs roughly 10% of the time, 2-2 teams make it almost a third of the time, and Seattle has a very good shot at winning their next two games.Then it’s just a matter of how healthy they are at the quartermark.The Seahawks host the Dallas Cowboys in Week 3, a 1-1 team that has struggled mightily on offense, especially at quarterback with Dak Prescott and no discernible receivers to concern yourself with. Two games into the season, the Cowboys’ leading receiver is Cole Beasley at nine catches for 86 yards. That could be a good assignment for Justin Coleman in the slot. Outside, Shaquill Griffin might find himself Deonte Thompson, who has 60 yards in two games, or Allen Hurns, who has 29. Tavon Austin managed 79 yards in Week 2 against the New York Giants, but we know Austin is capable of the anomaly game every so often.It’s the perfect matchup for a defense that only has two good cornerbacks to work with.Seattle will be back at home, an advantage they haven’t had so far this season, and while Dallas was above-average on the road last year, they scored just eight points (a late touchdown and two-point conversion against the Carolina Panthers) in their Week 1 road loss. I expect the Cowboys to be a .500 team at best, and even if that’s where the Seahawks could be at too, they at least have the homefield advantage, and Seattle did win a game in Dallas late last season.Next is back on the road, but it’s in Arizona to face the 0-2 Cardinals. The true worst offense in the NFL.If you think things are bad for Russell Wilson, I divert your attention to Sam Bradford: Through two games, Bradford has 243 passing yards, no touchdowns, two interceptions, 4.0 Y/A, and a rating of 55.6. In terms of Y/A, it’s one of the very worst starts by a QB in the modern era. While Larry Fitzgerald has managed 10 catches for 104 yards, Christian Kirk is the only other receiver to catch a pass (five for 31) , with tight end Ricky Seals-Jones gaining 36 yards, and running backs David Johnson (33) and Chase Edmonds (39) doing the rest. It’s another perfect matchup for Griffin, Coleman, and whatever carpool mannequin they throw in the passenger seat.In both cases, the Seahawks will be facing an offense that has built their current identity around a running back and that running back is not producing much at all so far given the struggles of the quarterback and receivers to move the ball more than 4-5 yards down the field. Overall, the Cardinals have been outscored 58-6 to open the year.Arizona is just the 12th team in the modern era to score six points or less in the first two games of the season. Of the previous 11, eight finished with four wins or less, including six of which had two wins or less. The best was the 2001 Washington team that finished 8-8 after an 0-5 start. You could argue that the Cardinals have a good defense, but would it be a good argument?They’re allowing a passer rating against of 112.9 and are giving up 136 rushing yards and two touchdowns per game. Don’t confuse good players on defense with a good defense.Of course, the Seahawks could drop to 0-4, leading into their Week 5 home matchup against the 2-0 LA Rams, a team that just beat Arizona 34-0. The Cowboys always seem to be a tough opponent for Seattle and the Seahawks still have to fix all their issues on offense — and defense. The Seahawks also seem to find creative ways to lose to the Cardinals when they get the opportunity to do so and it is a divisional road game. I’m not completely blind to the possibilities of an 0-4 or 0-5 or 1-4 start. That possibility exists, but optimism is not only a more enjoyable way to view the season after two games, it is also warranted.Seattle was decimated on Monday night.No Bobby Wagner. No K.J. Wright. No Doug Baldwin.No Tre Flowers. No D.J. Fluker. They went on the road both weeks. They had many opportunities to win in Week 1 against the Denver Broncos and I think a few calls would have been enough to help them to 1-0. They seemed outmatched by the Bears in every way but still had chances in the fourth quarter to tie or take the lead. They haven’t given up a rushing touchdown yet. They have five takeaways in two games. Shaquill Griffin could be a start at cornerback. Akeem King seemed to be play pretty well in his debut as a starter. Tyler Lockett is off to a good start. Will Dissly continued to play like a day three steal. Michael Dickson Michael Dickson Michael Dickson.I know there are issues. Huge red flags. But it’s literally mid-September and many people are already looking at March free agency and the draft in the spring. You could be dead by then. Stay optimistic today and realize that your life could be taken away from you before the 2019 NFL draft. Stay positive. You could die soon. Keep your head up. You might not make it that far. Wagner, Fluker, Flowers could all be back next week. If the Seahawks hit the Week 7 bye at 3-3, they could be getting Baldwin and Wright back by Week 8. They’ve made the playoffs after a 3-3 start. They made the playoffs after an 0-2 start just three years ago.There are 14 games left. Do me and yourself the favor of at least ignoring the negativity for a moment. These last fleeting moments of our lives.Seahawks on tape: The concerns with Russell Wilson, part II In Part I, which you should read before this, I went over Russell Wilson’s bad habits displayed in the Seahawks Week 1 loss to the Denver Broncos, including reading the defense, and playing in structure. Part II is more of what Wilson needs to do differently to have a higher chance of success in 2018 than he did in 2017. MechanicsAfter his 2016 injury, Wilson’s mechanics never really recovered into 2017. He was throwing off un-set platforms and the result was inaccurate passes. This was particularly noticeable on deep balls. These mechanics appeared fully sharpened this pre-season.That’s what made his 3rd and 1 miss so bemusing. The play design is a speed bootleg. Wilson is reading hi-lo—so don’t criticize him for passing up the open Tre Madden in the flat; criticize the play-design if you have an issue.(Wilson does have a situational problem with holding out for the bigger gain rather than taking the shorter available yards, we didn’t see it this time)The hi option, Nick Vannett, is wide open beneath the deep zone coverage as the entire Denver second-level underneath zone coverage gets sucked up. Yet Wilson on the run doesn’t set his feet or step into the throw properly. This sees him sail the ball badly. What was a Brian Schottenheimer gift of a first down rots into an incompletion due to sloppy quarterback mechanics. Beating the BlitzYes, Seattle’s offensive line has been an appalling, abomination of a catastrophe these past few years. I’m pretty surprised it hasn’t broken numerous clauses in Wilson’s contract. Schematic dishonesty is rife whenever there is a gif or still of Wilson being pressured or sacked though. Sometimes , a defense will just send more guys. Or guys in an area the protection can’t pick up.Furthermore, there is the inescapable truth that Wilson is the toughest quarterback to pass protect for. And we shouldn’t try to run away from that fact; we should engage with it. Having a quarterback who rapidly re-sets the pocket with his backwards spinning escapes is tough on an offensive lineman. His play-making style and extension will see him sack himself. On these occasions, a combination of poor blitz recognition and structural anarchy are to blame. On designed quick throws, Wilson will scramble around. There is always the tradeoff between incredible playmaking ability and taking a sack. Yet his style of turning his back to the line of scrimmage is something that seems to have increased as an escape mechanism. That would be less of an issue if he had speed more like his rookie year, but the fact is he now struggles to outrun disciplined EDGEs. Worse, defensive coordinators now scheme to have their EDGEs rush deeper to prevent such backdoor slipperiness. As his speed declines, the balance between ‘wow plays’ and ‘facepalm plays’ is starting to swing to the undesirable outcome.This sack is the least forgivable. Sure, there is just 0.37 left in the half. But it’s 2nd and 1, you have no timeouts and you can live another down. Wilson should be experienced enough to know this. It is a five-step drop, vertical design which is taken away by the Broncos’ cover 2 man-under pass defense.Wilson has an opportunity to slide up and right, which he doesn’t take. As he runs left, he could try to squeeze the ball to the running back checkdown. Out of the pocket and feeling the pressure, this ball should be thrown away if not.Rather than those choices, Wilson decides to spin backwards right. Shaquil Barrett has attacked deep—like I wrote about earlier—and nails Wilson. Wilson taking the sack on this play rather than throwing the ball away enormously reduces the Seahawks’ chances of getting in field goal range to make the game 13-17. Wilson has been given more responsibility this year in handling protection calls. Mile High is one of the most difficult places to make adjustments at the line of scrimmage. That said, look at the playclock here. Wilson takes at least 8 seconds to register and notify the line of the potential slot corner blitz off the right edge. His late pointing, with just 3 seconds left on the playclock, isn’t going to get it done.It is a 3rd and 5 late in the fourth with Seattle trailing, so Wilson trying to make something happen is more understandable. Denver’s pressure scheme destroys the Seahawks’ protection design well. Perhaps an earlier diagnosis from Wilson would have seen a better adjustment? It is up to Wilson to change stuff if it is not right.Hypothetical aside, Wilson has to be thinking that the corner is blitzing. Running away from overwhelming pressure is not how it’s done. The ball needs to be out hot and fast. Sometimes Wilson is too short to see stuff, which is the case for the spot route of Marshall when he starts looking left. Marshall is his hot option, as he is left totally uncovered by the Broncos.A better course of action would have been Wilson standing tall and moving up in the pocket. Rather than trying to outrun blitzers, while turning to the side of the line of scrimmage, his eyes downfield could have used the clear passing lane to see Marshall and Dissly come open over the middle. Wilson would have taken a hell of a hit, given C.J. Prosise’s pathetic pickup, but the pass would have been complete to Brandon Marshall with smarter pocket maneuvering. Wilson just needed to hang in there a moment longer.Next up, a 3rd and 3 with 9.39 left in the 4th quarter. Oh boy. Again, I understand Wilson is trying to keep the drive alive. But this is a quick concept. The read to the right is taken away immediately so Wilson does well to look left hastily. The ball has to be out in a maximum of three seconds. Then it turns putrid. He locks onto Nick Vannett with a clear passing lane granting access to Jaron Brown’s open out too. Then pressured, he goes left rather than right. Right is where all the space is Womens Shaquill Griffin Jersey , but that’s not his signature move. Going left is okay though, because he could try to improvise down the sideline with Jaron Brown or beat the EDGE for pace to the corner and the first down. Problem is, Wilson is focused on executing his signature move; so he inexplicably spins backwards to the right. Waiting there is the deep rush of Von Miller—enjoying the exploitation of Wilson’s tendency—and down Wilson goes.Pocket NavigationWilson had average protection play around him throughout the game, despite being sacked six times. Duane Brown and Justin Britt particularly impressed me in both the run and pass game. I counted three pressures, three hits and two sacks that were all on the offensive-line. Here’s my log of negative protection play: Pressure due to J.R. Sweezy missing a cut block on a fake tunnel screen. Pressure due to Rashaad Penny not picking up a blitzing linebacker well.Sack due to Germain Ifedi completely whiffing versus Miller.Sack due to Ifedi and Sweezy not communicating the stunt properly. Wilson stepped up correctly and had open routes, but it was right into the unblocked stunt.Hit due to Ifedi and Sweezy not communicating the stunt properly, Wilson got the ball out for checkdown to Chris Carson. Hit due to Ethan Pocic not picking up a stunt after Brown signalled.Pressure due to Britt getting pushed back into the pocket. It saw Wilson sail a sure-touchdown to Dissly as he couldn’t step into the throw.Pressure due to Pocic getting walked back into Wilson. Wilson missed his checkdown as a result.Wilson’s penchant for escaping round the back sees him frequently pass up good opportunities to step up. We’ve seen how Wilson’s height can be an unavoidable impediment; stepping up is something the similarly short Drew Brees does so well to see the middle of the field. The last play I covered showed a few of Wilson’s pocket navigation issues. In this final cut-up, he could slide up and middle to avoid Miller’s deep rush. From that new vantage point, Wilson would be able to hit the open post of Marshall in the back of the end zone. Instead, he runs right and throws the un-open incompletion on 2nd and goal.(We must hope that Wilson’s one time stepping up, right into a stunt, won’t dissuade him)Wilson didn’t lose the game, but鈥y no means did Wilson lose this game for Seattle. Only seven carries going towards the 7.3 yards per rush Chris Carson didn’t help the offense. And the defense, with big issues at weakside linebacker, was witheringly torn apart to the rune of 475 yards by Case Keenum and the Denver rushing attack.The Broncos’ defense is also a unit with genuine top 5 potential, and Miller is an all-world talent. They schemed intuitively for the Seahawks’ attack. Combined with the altitude, temperature and raucous Mile High crowd, it was a very tough opener that Seattle narrowly lost—with no thanks to Sebastian Janikowski for missing a 45-yard field goal, twice.However, I hope I’ve proved to you that my concerns around Wilson’s game are valid ones to hold about what is still an elite quarterback. His processing, internal clock and play-style must be refined. This isn’t close to being based on a one-game sample size.If anyone will make me look foolish writing Seahawks on tape, it’s Russell Wilson.We’re on to Chicago.Disclaimer: It is easy to nitpick performances from All-22, particularly a quarterback’s. All quarterbacks miss open receivers and throws. However, I’d like to think I’ve remained objective, highlighting plays and a process which are part of broader long-standing issues.

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