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nike flyknit presto

Haley Becky
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pát 30.říj 2020 04:49

nike flyknit presto

Příspěvekod Haley Becky v pát 30.říj 2020 04:52

Sun, 03 Jan 2010 21:19:40 0000 /?p=87408#comment-51304 Actually, nike flyknit presto I think this upper is part of the Nike Consider Design Ethos. The quarter panel is made up of recycled leather squares stitched together. Nash wore a different model one or two seasons ago that had this same style upper, titled "trash talk" or something to that effect. It won a design award if I'm not mistaken. Wish those were hi-res pix so I could be sure.

Just the the average signature shoe now a days is $120  $250. (But we will say $175 for these kicks, hyperfuse, plus lunar& add some more "hype") Then consider the addition cost of making a basketball shoe with "built in" functioning technology, outside of "BS" typical hype. (It doesn't cost Nike much, put its a great sale pitch& "new nike flyknit racer bells and whistles.. oooooooooo!!!!"? add $25) Now we are already at $200.

The shoe is a great "functioning" basketball shoe, can't knock Nike because they did a good job. But in the end, the price point is too high for todays time and the average consumer. nike flyknit shoes "IF" the average customer spends $250 on a pair of kicks, it ain't to fuck them up on the basketball court. (Especially your not a real hooper, and you don't have real game.) Even if you get the Lebron Elites, the average person isn't hooping in them. So I think thats where everyone has a problem with the price point. You can't see yourself dropping for $250 unless you hoop and it's and investment to know that info. Or you just don't mind spending $250 on a years worth of hyped nike huarache up hooping and shit talking.

The latest I purchased a month ago are the KDV Aunt Pearls  bought four pairs for my nephews. And they are yet to be released there in the States. I'm not complaining at all  it's just like I don't have any competition at all purchasing AJ retros & supposedly limited quantity Nikes. i'm no online seller either because we're not allowed to being in the service and holed up in a US Military Base here. I collect AND wear them& not using my eyes feasting on them. That's my way of enjoying my Nike collections.

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Fri, 09 Apr 2010 07:50:23 0000 /?p=113065#comment-76498 i think this "lightest shoe ever" title competition is getting ridiculous. kobe could still out run any of us even if he were in a pair of timberland boots. that being said, i think once you go past a certain weight, it just doesn't matter that much anymore. unless of course you make a shoe that weighs 3 oz Obrázek and can handle shaq's frame. that would be an accomplishment.

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