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fenty puma by rihanna

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fenty puma by rihanna

Příspěvek od ToddFreeman v pon 13.led 2020 02:56

I found fenty puma by rihanna a pair of New Balance shoes at work, left abandoned in my newly acquired cubical. I don't know who left them there, but I was wearing uncomfortable high heels and to my surprise and amazement the shoes were exactly my size and fit like a glove! My white co-worker thought I was being gross. I quickly explained to her that it was the Law of Attraction in my favor, I was destined to have these free shoes since I had passed by the New Balance warehouse in Brighton, Mass two days before and obviously the universe new I wanted them.

WOW i use to my a manager at a Journeys shoe store, and i must say this is true& ..i worked in a very urban mall and journeys has like skate shoes and stuff so nobody puma by rihanna fenty really came in there( compared to foot locker!!!!) but when white people came in , they were like "OH MY GOSH& . LOOK AT ALL THESE SHOES& I FREAKIN LOVE NEW BALANCES!" along with birkenstocks, clarks, crocks, flip flops& & this is sooooo funny!!!!

So I puma fenty rihanna was in a shoe store and on one foot was a Nike and on the other a New Balance& The Nike was a little bit cuter (dark grey and hot pink!) and a little bit more supportive of the arches, but then I started thinking about the tiny little baby hands that made all those adorable little stitches all around that EVIL swoosh. So I asked the sales lady if New Balances were even made in America anymore and she said no. They come from all over. They haven't been puma us domestic for years. My new Nikes are hot.

white people wear new balance or asics or the brown shoes you cant tie. that aint no lie. so when your walkin down the street take a look at their feet. you will soon see that they are everywhere but you wont care like me. cuz my feet will be bare before i try a pair..of white people shoes that can be worn by some jews. unless they are like me and refuse to wear that gear on their feet. so id like you to share with me if you ever meet.. a white person with brand new J's on their feet. i will continue my rhyme as soon as some one gives me a beat. or let my main man finish cuz we call him mencrezey.

Wow. I have never felt so "with it". I have worn New Balance for about 4 years and had no idea of their status until coming across this blog today. I just hope no one notices, because I am rihanna fenty puma happy to be considered totally unfashionable. Has anybody got some advice for me as to how to respond should I be accused of being like the rest of "them".

By the way, saying White people are the only people who like New Balance is so 15 years ago because 15 years ago or more the only people I see wearing New Balances are White people. Now, I rarely see White people wearing New Balances! These days White people like brands like Adidas, Nike, Asics, Saucony and or some crazy unknown brand Obrázek like Newton which I've never seen a non-White person wear.


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